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Curacies in Winchester (IME2)

Initial Ministerial Education Phase 2

Curacies in Winchester (IME2)

Curates serve as ordained ministers-in-training in a variety of training contexts serving our many rural and urban communities. This stage of post-ordination training, known as Initial Ministerial Education Phase 2 (IME2) follows on from the more formal, academic training pathway of IME1 undertaken at Theological College

From July 2023, curates will spend up to four years learning, developing and leading in their churches with reference to a framework of formational qualities followed by all training curates in the Church of England. This framework focuses on 7 Qualities that ordained ministers are encouraged to inhabit in every area of their lives: Love for God, Call to Ministry, Love for People, Wisdom, Fruitfulness, Potential, and Trustworthiness – not sure if we need to include this much detail about the Formation Qualities.

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