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Housing for Clergy

Housing for Clergy

Information for practical and personal support is featured below. Guidance and policy documents are available in the latest documents section are available at the bottom of this page.  Clergy Briefing presentations can also be found here.

During this current period of uncertainty, our contractors will only be responding to and attending emergencies. Emergency during this time are limited to:

  • Uncontrolled escapes of water or significant water leaks
  • Loss of water services
  • Total heating failure (please be aware that we may only be able to provide temporary heaters at this time)
  • Total loss of hot water services. Use of immersion heater if available must be used in the first instance.
  • Total loss of power/lighting
  • Blocked drains which pose a risk to health or prevent essential services functioning
  • Matters affecting the security of the building (such as external doors and broken glass)
  • Matters posing a significant health and safety hazard (such as walls/roof at risk of collapse)
  • Gas leaks (these should be reported initially to the national gas emergency service on 0800 111 999). If as a result of their attendance the gas to your home is turned off, then Sanctuary will attend to investigate and repair.
  • Damage as a result of a fire (other than cosmetic matters)

Clergy Housing

Download the Clergy Housing Handbook Download

Should a serious problem occur with your property (e.g. flooding, structural damage, loss of power or heating) during out of Office hours or during the Easter or Christmas break, please contact an appropriate contractor from the list below:

Download Out of Hours Emergency Contacts Download

If you are still unable to resolve the problem, then please contact your Archdeacon or Area Dean who will be able to provide contact for members of the Property Team who will be able to give advice.

If you believe there is a gas leak:

Emergency Call Out – 0800 111 999