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Places for Prayer

Places for Prayer

The Retreat Association

The aim of the Retreat Association, as the name suggests, is to help you explore and deepen your journey with God through retreats.

If you’re looking to find a local retreat centre, you can use the Retreat Association’s interactive map to locate a nearby retreat.

The Quiet Garden Movement

The Quiet Garden Movement is a network of all sorts of gardens, designed for reflection and prayer. These gardens also offer the opportunity for stillness, contemplation and an appreciation of the natural world.

Find one near you via the Quiet Garden Movement website.

The Community of Hopeweavers

This community is now an Acknowledged Anglican Religious Community in the diocese. They offer sanctuary space and resources for individuals and groups who seek silence and stillness as part of a Christian faith journey.

The aim of the Community of Hopeweavers is to advance the Christian Faith, primarily by providing sanctuary, along with a dispersed community for Christians to join.