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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

A Spiritual Director, Spiritual Guide, or Soul Friend, is Someone Who Accompanies You on Your Spiritual Journey

They help you to explore your faith, to see where and how God is at work in your life, and to respond to him in your own way. He or she may be a lay person or ordained, and possibly a member of a religious community.

Your Spiritual Director won’t ‘direct’ you, but will help you to find the right direction for your life; as well as listening to you and to the Holy Spirit, he or she may suggest particular approaches to prayer, and other spiritual practices, for you to try. Once you have settled into the relationship, you will perhaps meet together for up to an hour every couple of months, probably in the Spiritual Director’s home. All that is shared will remain confidential. Spiritual directors vary as to whether they charge or accept donations. This can be discussed on an individual basis prior to starting.

People often find such a Soul Friend for themselves, perhaps through someone else. For those who would like help in finding a Spiritual Director, the diocese maintains an ecumenical Register of those who have been trained for this ministry.

To join and remain on the Register, they must:

  1. Have completed a recognised training course in spiritual direction
  2. Participate in ongoing training & development for this ministry
  3. Belong to a worshipping community within the Christian tradition
  4. Have their own spiritual director
  5. Engage in supervision for this ministry
  6. Hold a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate
  7. Agree to abide by the Retreat Association Guidelines

Are You Looking for a Spiritual Director?

If you are looking for a Spiritual Director or have questions about what’s involved, please contact Wendy Atkinson: who will send you information about the process of matching enquirers to Spiritual Directors in the diocese.

Are You Already a Qualified Spiritual Director?

If you would like to discuss joining our Register of Spiritual Directors or are simply interested in joining the Spiritual Direction Network for those who are offering this ministry formally or informally, please get in touch via the form below or email