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DAC and Church Buildings

DAC and Church Buildings

In this section you will find resources and materials relating to the care and maintenance of Church Buildings, applying for faculties and meetings of the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC).

The DAC Department is always willing to offer support and guidance on any queries or concerns you may have and provide an insight into the process and requirements of applying for permissions.

This advice can be by email, phone or face to face. If you would like to meet in person the DAC runs drop-In sessions please get in touch for further details. 

Net Zero by 2030

As part of the Church of England’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2030 the following document has been provided to encourage parishes to look at what can be done to their church buildings and what they can do to help. We encourage early engagement with the DAC staff team, to have a discussion or to assist you in this.

Sustainability and Churches Guidance: How to Make Every Church More Sustainable Download

In addition to our Diocesan Environment document the Church Buildings Council also have various helpful and informative links to further information and guidance that can be found on their website, please see below some links to helpful information:

A general main page on net zero carbon for your church including various pieces of information and other links can be found here.

Some general guidance and helpful information from the Church Buildings Council on how to heat your church in an appropriate and suitable way can be found here.

A document detailing the Church Buildings Council’s practical path to net zero carbon can be found here.

The Church Buildings Council regularly hold webinars on various topics, a link to past and future topics can be found here.

Friends’ Schemes

If you’re looking to set up a Friends’ Scheme for your church, which can allow a wider group of people to contribute towards repairing and maintaining the church, further information can be found on the Parish Resources website.

Although not everyone in a local area is keen to contribute towards religious aspects of a church, many people have a great deal of good will towards the building itself as it’s part of their heritage. A Friends’ Scheme is a way parish churches can encourage help of this kind from their wider community.

Any parish seeking to create a Friends’ Scheme should speak to the Diocesan Registrar first:

Online Faculty System

You can find the Online Faculty System here.

A flow chart providing further information on list B permissions can be found here:

Download the Permission Flow Chart Download

Please see below for a mandatory form to be completed and attached to every faculty application made through the Online Faculty System.

Download Inspecting Architect Consultation Document Download

Please see below Additional Matters Orders under the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules.

1 – Additional Matters Order Regarding Commonwealth War Graves in a Churchyard Download
2 – Additional Matters Order Regarding Wi-Fi Equipment Download
3 – Additional Matters Order Regarding Use of Churches and Church Halls Download
Guidance Relating to Additional Matters Order Regarding Use of Churches and Church Halls Download
4 – Additional Matters Orders Regarding Card Payment Systems Download
5 – Additional Matters Order Regarding Introduction of Water Butts Download

The DAC Committee

Download Our Meeting Dates Download