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Common Mission Fund

Common Mission Fund

The Diocese of Winchester is funded by the Common Mission Fund. The Common Mission Fund is money given by every parish to provide and support clergy, and to further our work in every parish, across Hampshire and East Dorset. Watch this video which explains the practicalities and principles behind it:

Common Mission Fund Guidance

Contributions to the Common Mission Fund are gifts – a gift from each individual parish to support and grow ministry and mission across all our parishes, enabling the love of Christ to be shared. Learn more about the Common Mission Fund and how important it is to our diocese by reading our Guidance Booklet:

Common Mission Fund Guidance Booklet 2022 Download

Common Mission Fund Review Group

A reflection group carried out a review of the Common Mission Fund in 2018. Since then, the Diocese of Winchester and the wider world is of course in a significantly different place. A new Common Mission Fund Review Group has therefore now been tasked by the Bishop’s Council with making suggestions around the CMF operational process, for approval by Diocesan Synod, for implementation in 2025 onwards.

The group is not looking at alternative models or systems for how the Common Mission Fund is allocated, but will make recommendations on how to improve the current model. Learn more about the group below:

Common Mission Fund Distribution

The amount requested from each parish within the Diocese is calculated based on each parishes community of worshippers and affluence band. Guidance on how to calculate your community of worshippers and information on affluence bands can be found below.

Calculating Your Community of Worshippers Download
Understanding Relative Affluence Download

The Common Mission Fund request for 2023 and 2024 can be found below. If you have concerns about your parishes ability to pay or would like to discuss this further please contact Cathy Laird (01962 737307,

Common Mission Fund Requests 2023 Download
Common Mission Fund Requests 2024 Download

The Diocese is completely transparent about Common Mission Fund payments received from parishes. The amounts received, year to date, can be found below.

Common Mission Fund Received 2024 Download

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For more common mission fund guidance documents please visit our resource library.

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