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Neurodivergent Clergy

Neurodivergent Clergy

Are you ordained? (curate, incumbent, associate, chaplain, PTO) 

Are you neurodivergent? (diagnosed or self-diagnosed, autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, etc) 

You are warmly welcome in the diocese of Winchester and we hope to offer opportunities for you to connect, and to share stories and experiences with others.  

Read an article about the experiences of one of our neuro-diverse clergy >>>  

Upcoming Events 

Neuro-divergent Clergy Lunch – 8 November 2023 

Come along to a lunch to connect with other neuro-divergent clergy! 

Bishop Debbie will join us for the lunch only, but will then leave to allow the group to continue sharing. Recent Living Ministry research describes “the immense value placed by ordained ministers on being known, understood and valued by senior clergy” (p46), yet the same report also identifies the various different power dynamics in relation to bishops, and for some who are facing difficult situations, it can make it feel less safe to be able to speak freely if senior leaders are present. 

Revd Rachel Noël (autistic, ADHD) will host a space after lunch for neurodivergent clergy to explore together the particular challenges and issues we face, to share ideas, resources and connections that might help. We will also discuss what sort of support or networking may be helpful going forward.  

We are keen to enable the flourishing of all clergy and would value all your insights on this. You are welcome to join us for lunch, and for the gathering after lunch (or just one or the other).  

If you would prefer to submit feedback via email, please do so to Rev Rachel Noel: 

To book for any part of the day, please email