Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage

In line with the Church of England’s Vision for Education, our Diocesan Education Team advisers work with very young children in Early Years settings across the diocese.

The Vision for Education seeks for all church schools to enable children to serve the common good of the whole community. For very young children this is about teaching respect both for themselves and other people, how to live well and to care for the world around them. This is achieved through songs, games and stories. Children learn from examples in the Bible and through the teaching of simple core Christian values such as love, respect and forgiveness.

The Diocesan Education Team provides support, training and resources for Early Years settings, both within church schools and for stand-alone settings. Many of these resources can be found below in this section of the website.


Launchpad Pre Schools – Bringing a Christian ethos to the Early Years


If you need any further information, training or support for Early Years please contact: