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Supporting Church Schools

Supporting Church Schools

Are you interested in helping to support Church schools in the Diocese of Winchester?

Education and our work with schools, colleges and universities was the key focus for the majority of the recent Diocesan Synod meeting, when Bishop Tim affirmed and challenged us to further develop our crucial role. At Synod and in speaking to Deaneries, PCCs and individuals over recent months, I have been sharing a proposal to build a team of Associate Staff who can support and work alongside the core Education Team, to be part of our Mission Strategy in an intentional and coherent way. My desire is that all those currently involved in schools work – be it through leading school worship and assemblies, serving as governors, listening to children read and a whole list of other creative ways of ‘being Christian with God’s children’ – might be able to boldly articulate this as ‘ministry’ – a tangible and incarnational way of serving God and living out our gifts and talents.

We are now at a new stage in our development, and to equip and support parishes, individuals and schools, particularly in areas of Governor Support and Training; Christian distinctiveness and Values; Parish Support for Schools Work – I am looking to gather a team of people to work alongside Diocesan colleagues. Several former teachers; current teachers; those who have skills in governance; and those who work/have worked in schools, both lay and ordained, have already come forward to ask if they can be of assistance. So we are now embarking on a joined-up way of training, and developing a group of people, some who may want to work across the diocese, others who may prefer a regional or local role, to develop the growing and creative work of the team.

Jeff Williams, Director of Education

Have you thought about becoming a Foundation Governor?

There are a number of our schools with vacancies for Foundation Governors, please see our vacancies page for more details.

Volunteer to help in Church schools

We are looking for volunteers to help support the work of the 96 Church schools in the Diocese. If you could offer some time, even an hour or two a month, please volunteer using the form below.


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