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Bishop’s Commission for Mission

Bishop’s Commission for Mission

This programme has been developed to support the work of parishes and deaneries by equipping lay people for service. We aim to do this by giving participants the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their vocation more effectively, whilst at the same time giving them a bigger vision for how God might use them to bring in his kingdom.

BCM is not an academic training course but a programme of formation. It is strongly relational based. We believe everyone who attends will already have some wisdom and experience to share which the training will draw out and enhance.

Those who complete the programme will have greater confidence in what they are doing and will be better equipped to bring a missional focus to bear on their area of ministry and their life. Many people today would not come near a church but will have contact with Christians. Through the BCM programme, we plan to equip people to share the love of Christ with those around them as they exercise their ministry.

Why Take Part In a Programme Through BCM? 

If you are a layperson who is involved in ministry in your local church or perhaps feeling a call from God to become more involved in ministry in your local church then BCM training might be for you. We aim to equip and inspire laypeople to become more confident in their service within their church and community, growing in understanding that you are indeed a valuable part of the mission of God in His world. We offer a range of programmes, which we vary term by term. Those coming next are listed below and you can get in touch with Wendy Atkinson via the form below to find out more details about any that interest you. Once you have completed the training and its requirements, you will be commissioned to that role in your benefice by the Bishop of Winchester at the annual Lay Ministries Service at the Cathedral.

BCM Programmes Summer 2024

We have three programme streams starting on 20 April 2024. These are BCM Pastoral, BCM Worship and BCM Children, Families, Youth.

BCM Youth, Children & Family

This is primarily for those who are leading any form of youth, children or families ministry in the church. The training will explore faith development and provide you with a range of creative ideas for building a strong ministry team. 

BCM Taster

Taking place on 6 March 2024 online from 19:00 to 20:00, you are warmly invited to join us for an hour online to hear about the coming term’s BCM programmes. We will explore the content of the programmes on offer and there will be plenty of time to ask any questions you may have.

All are welcome and there is no obligation to go on to take the training afterwards. To receive the Zoom link, please contact Wendy Atkinson.

For all programmes above, please contact Wendy Atkinson at to book your place.

BCM Flyer Summer 2024 Download the Summer 2024 Flyer Here
BCM Application Form Summer 2024 Download an Application Form Here

Other Programmes Available

BCM Beyond Church Walls

BCM Beyond Church Walls is not running at this time, but the programme will be available in due course. In this programme we explore creative ways take your ministry out of the church building and into the community. It will help you find ways to share the gospel true to your local context and help build confidence to be yourself in mission. We’ll offer a variety of resources to take those exciting but scary first steps.

BCM Community

What Happens After You Complete a BCM Programme?

BCM training is highly relational. We believe those who come on the training already have a wealth of life skills and experience to share before they begin. We believe we learn best from one another, from discussion and from mutual encouragement and support. Post BCM therefore we aim to offer opportunities for those who have been through the programmes to get together for prayer, fellowship and some input on a regular basis.

We offer regular networking breakfasts around the diocese to connect, encourage and pray for one another.  We also have an annual celebration of lay ministry day when we bring together BCMs, BPPs and LLMs for teaching, fellowship and encouragement.  And keep an eye on our weekly mailer and website events page, where you can find one-off training events suitable for those who have taken a BCM programme.

Please let us know which course you’re interested in by using the contact form below.