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Parish Administrator

Parish Administrator

Information for Parish Administrators and Operations Managers

The Parish Administrator normally covers the administrative duties for the entire benefice. This includes the management of day-to-day parish activities such as general administration of the Parish Office (including some financial responsibilities), the running of all church operations, including building, fabric, communications, events and projects, that support the life and ministry of this dynamic, inclusive and historic church.

Parochial fees are legally chargeable for services that an incumbent is under a legal obligation to provide or conduct (e.g. weddings and funerals). Fees are set by the Church of England’s governing body, the General Synod, and Parliament. The amount payable consists of an element due to the PCC and an element due to the Diocesan Board of Finance (‘DBF’).

For more information on parochial fees and who can claim, please visit – Parochial Fees

Once a year the National Church requires every parish to submit their Statistics for Mission, Return of Parish Finance and Energy Footprint Tool figures to the National Church Parish Returns Portal: CLICK HERE

The idea behind the system is that you, as a user, can have immediate access to a wealth of data showing how your parish has progressed over time. As soon as the data is entered at parish level the statistics become available at diocesan and national church level to help plan resource allocation.

If you do not have a log in for this portal, please email Danielle Walmsley, Parish Support Administrator at


A day for Parish Administrators at Wolvesey, Winchester – Wednesday 12 July


Parochial Fees Workshop – Date TBC

A Day for Parish Administrators – 12 July

For more information and/or to book a place on any of the above, please contact Danielle Walmsley, Parish Support Administrator at

For a full list of our courses and events, please visit: Courses and Events

Do You Have Questions or Need Advice Around Parochial Fees?

Join Jayne Tarry, Pastoral Secretary and Gavin Foster and Sarah Hart at the Diocesan Registry as they talk through fees and answer your questions.

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