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Diocesan Rule of Life

Diocesan Rule of Life

What is a Rule of Life?

A Rule of Life can help us to respond to the love of God revealed in the Lord Jesus, in his life, death and resurrection. Individually and together, as we are led by the Spirit, a Rule can help us to become more like Christ.

A Rule of Life is a way of putting our relationship with God into practice, a way of balancing action and reflection. It isn’t about ‘keeping the rules’; it is about discovering how we can grow as Christ’s disciples in the rhythms and relationships that make up our everyday lives.

Our Diocesan Rule of Life

The Diocesan Rule of Life provides a flexible framework in three dimensions of Sharing God’s Life: personal (Loving), interpersonal (Living) and public (Serving).

Each disciple is invited to make their own response to this three-fold invitation to Sharing God’s Life, to be reviewed regularly with another disciple, and to be renewed annually.

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