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Licensed Lay Worker (LLW)

Licensed Lay Worker (LLW)

The ministry of a Licensed Lay Worker (LLW) in the Church of England can include evangelism, leading worship, pastoral care and teaching. It can also extend to preaching and funeral ministry. This provision enables the Bishop to license lay people who have previous theological training and are already engaged in a particular ministry (either in a parish or an extra-parochial context) that demonstrates their vision for mission and that they have the gifts, skills and experience to exercise leadership in this ministry. For example, potential LLWs may already be involved in pioneer ministry, fresh expressions of Church, developing social enterprise projects and new monastic communities, or engaged in chaplaincy, in schools or the workplace.

Exploration with your parish priest will usually be the first step, followed by an opportunity to speak informally with the Diocesan Vocations Adviser or a member of the Vocations Team. The support of your parish priest and PCC is required to go further in the discernment process. If further training is recommended for those who are to be licensed, this will be provided by the School of Mission, using appropriate modules from the Durham Common Awards Programme. All LLWs are expected to engage regularly in ongoing training, at least every other year.

Please contact our Diocesan Vocations Advisor once you've spoken with your parish priest.


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