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Getting More Involved

Find out how you can get more involved in helping your church become more eco friendly.

Getting More Involved

You’ve Made Your First Steps and Now Want to Go Further. Here Are Some Ideas:

The Eco Church project is definitely an excellent place to start. It is an award scheme run by the Christian environmental charity A Rocha and is strongly recommended by the Church of England Environment programme.

The Routemap to Net Zero is essential reading. It lays out very practically, with clear steps along the way, how churches can reach net zero carbon by 2030. As well as reading this yourself, see if you can get your vicar and the PCC to become familiar with it as well. The Routemap can be read online, or downloaded to your computer.

The Church of England Environment Programme pages are linked in Tools & Resources as well, but it is worth mentioning them again for the huge range of material available, from worship and preaching, to heat pumps and solar panels, to fund raising and more. If you’re getting more involved, have a look here.

Become your church’s Eco Champion. You may prefer a different job title, and that is fine!

You can sign up to local, national and international organisations that help you understand the issues the church and the world are facing. Feed this information into your church through parish magazines, email updates, social media or whatever form of communication best suits you.

We try to help Eco Champions fulfil their role by sending occasional Eco newsletters ‘God’s Green Fingers’ . Request to join this by emailing with your name and parish.