Holy Trinity, Millbrook: Statement

Holy Trinity, Millbrook: Statement

Sadly, the Parish of Millbrook has seen its congregation numbers dwindle to single figures over the last 20 years. Their location beside the busy A35 Millbrook Road has seen them isolated from the surrounding community. So it is after careful consideration and much prayer that the PCC of Holy Trinity Millbrook have taken the decision to begin a consultation on the possible closure of their church, which could lead to the sale of the site, including the church hall and car park. Working with the PCC, the Winchester Diocesan Board of Finance will begin the search for a new organisation to take over the mantle of caring for this historic building. It is hoped that the Russian Orthodox Church and the Syro Malabar Church will continue to be welcomed at the church. 

The Bishop of Southampton says, “It is always sad when a parish church community has become too small to be viable. We are committed to supporting the people of the parish and providing the cure of souls in the best possible way, whilst seeking a good future for the re-use of this wonderful building”.

The Assistant Archdeacon adds, “The Church of England is committed to ‘a presence in every place’. And so alongside the consultation of the future of the building there is another consultation underway. This consultation will investigate the best way to care for the people of the Parish of Millbrook so that they have access to another church nearby for baptisms, weddings, funerals, and all other types of worship and pastoral care they might need. We welcome your prayers as the parish of Millbrook undergoes this period of change.”

The sale of a church building can be a long and complicated process as it is made up of several stages of consultation. Firstly, with specific interested parties related to the church and the local authority, and then with the wider public, but it is a process which is designed to allow everyone to have their say. Great care is taken with any church closure to appropriately re-locate any specific items of historical or religious interest. Also, provision must be made for any burials or ashes on site. If you wish to receive the consultation papers when the process moves to the public stage, please contact Jayne Tarry, Pastoral Secretary, jayne.tarry@winchester.anglican.org

A local agent has been appointed to facilitate discussions with those interested in the site. For further details please contact Nigel Wright, Property Business Manager, nigel.wright@winchester.anglican.org.