Meet the New Deacons and Priests in Our Diocese

Meet the New Deacons and Priests in Our Diocese

Following on from 19 individuals being ordained as priests on Saturday 29 June, on Sunday 30 June, 15 men and women within the Diocese of Winchester will be made deacons at Winchester Cathedral. Meet the ‘new revs’ who have followed God’s calling to ordination…

Amy Bianchi

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Hartley Wintney with Elvetham and Winchfield and Dogmersfield

I’m Amy and I’ve been training for the last three years at St Mellitus College. I’m married to Matt, and have three children; Noah, Henry and Madeleine.

Before ordination training I spent a few years at home full-time with my children, but previously I worked for 7 years as a youth worker in Southampton, and had the privilege of working with lots of brilliant teenagers.

I’ll be serving my curacy in the benefice of Hartley Wintney with Elvetham, Winchfield and Dogmersfield, where I’ve been serving as an ordinand. I’m so excited about continuing to serve alongside and learn from the community there.

I’d love prayer for my family and I as we settle into new patterns of life and follow God’s call for this new season.

Ani Davy

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Bitterne

One April morning, when I was seven years old, our Sunday school class was led by the senior pastor. I listened intently as the pastor explained that through Jesus, we could find forgiveness and become part of God’s family. Then came the pivotal moment. The pastor asked if anyone wanted to become part of the family of God. Tears welled up in my eyes as a flood of emotions overcame me. Without hesitation, I rose to my feet, arms lifted, unable to contain my tears. Through sobs, I prayed the prayer of repentance and acceptance led by the pastor. In the weeks that followed, I was consumed with excitement, eager to share the news of my newfound faith with everyone.

As I grew into adulthood, my commitment to my faith only deepened. The call to ministry, like an inner urge and holy preoccupation within me since childhood, now tugged at my heart with an undeniable force. Recognizing this divine prompting, I sought guidance from my church leader, eager to explore my vocation. However, my initial attempt to pursue ministry was met with resistance. It was in a new church, nearly eight years later, that God’s providence intervened. I received an email from the Priest to meet him at his Vicarage, where he asked me to tell him the story of my spiritual journey. Here, he discerned a calling to ministry within me—a calling that had long lain dormant but was now ready to blossom. Filled with gratitude and awe, and with the priest’s support and the support of the church community, I embraced this newfound opportunity with open arms. Four years later, I stand on the threshold of ordination, a testament to God’s faithfulness and His perfect timing. And I encourage anyone who feels God’s call on their lives to trust in His timing, knowing that He will always lead us on the path of His purpose in His time.

Please pray that I will live a life of integrity and one that hungers and thirsts for God’s righteousness.

Ann Devereux

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley

Hi, I’m Ann and I’ve been training for the last few years with Winchester School of Mission.

Prior to and during my ordination training I have been working as an RE teacher and before that as a social worker. I have a passion for hope and justice and for sharing God’s love.

I’ll be serving my curacy in the benefice of Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley, where I have been serving as an ordinand over the past year.

I am really excited to be working alongside and learning more from the communities that live and worship there. They have already made me feel so welcome!

Please pray for me and my son as we settle into new patterns of life and follow God’s calling for this season ahead. Thank you.

Georgi Thompson Leask

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Bright Waters

I am very fortunate to have trained for ministry at the Winchester School of Mission, in partnership with Durham University, where the teaching, pastoral support and fellowship have all been marvellous. Thank you!

Another big ‘thank you’ goes to my dedicated training minister, the Reverend David Roche, incumbent of the Bright Waters Benefice, where it will be my joy to proclaim the love of God alongside a wonderful ministry team of clergy, LLMs, and lay leaders.

Please pray for all those being ordained and licensed this year, as we say ‘yes’ to God’s invitation to serve.

Helen Holley

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Old Basing and Lychpit

Growing up in Southeast London, daughter of a Thames lighterman, I became a Christian at a young age through a dramatic family conversion experience, which impressed on me the grace and power of God to transform lives.

My journey to ordained ministry has been a progressive one. Accepted on the first Bishop Permission to Preach programme with the Winchester School of Mission, I came to the end of the year’s study and knew it marked the start of more, and subsequently entered the discernment process. I have been with WSM for the past 3 years, relishing theological study and being part of a learning and worshipping community, with all the formation that brings.

I have been so grateful to all those who have inspired and nurtured my faith and supported me on my vocational pathway and am excited about serving my curacy in my home church of St Mary’s, Old Basing and Lychpit, where I hope to support my incumbent and participate in all the many ways God is working in the parish. I love to encourage and find creative ways to share the good news of God’s love!

Keith Fox

Serving his curacy in: The Benefice of Highfield

I have lived in Southampton for 37 years and worship at Highfield Church, where I’ve been an LLM since 1992. I was a Professor of Biochemistry in Southampton University (I’m fascinated by DNA) and retired in 2022. Between 2015-2021 I combined this with being half-time Associate Director and then Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge. I try to help people to integrate science and Christian faith. I look forward to engaging further with adult discipleship to help people to understand their faith. I’m keen to promote creation care. I’m also involved with the local charity Caraway ‘meeting the spiritual needs of the older person’. I trained through the Caleb Stream at St Mellitus College. I run to keep fit and I’m a regular Parkrunner.

I am married to Sheila, who is a retired pre-school manager, and we have three adult children and four grandchildren.

Luke Augustyn

Serving his curacy in: The Benefice of North Hampshire Downs

I grew up in a family of faith and have since earliest years sensed a call to serve Christ through ordained ministry. In October 2018, I discussed the call to priesthood with Revd. David Potterton after a profound experience during a morning communion service and the singing of the hymn “I the Lord of Sea and Sky”. After a journey of around 40 years, I finally felt ready to answer the call, still feeling inadequate, but trusting that God would lead me in answer to the question “Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord”? The experience I had during the hymn re-kindled the strong sense of calling that led to what would have been the start of theology studies at Cambridge when I was 18 years old. It was at the last minute that a prevailing sense of inadequacy led me to other studies and work. The vicar of my childhood and youth who accompanied me throughout my journey of faith and preparation for formal studies, consoled me with the words “when the time comes for you to answer his call, you will know it and will be able to embrace it in spite of any persistent feelings of inadequacy”. I believe that this lifelong journey has equipped me better to understand and support others on a similar journey of faith and discipleship, whatever the nature of their call may be.

Please pray for my family (wife Erika and our 3 young children) – that they may always feel my unwavering love for and commitment to them no matter how busy or demanding life may be.

Before you read further… DID YOU KNOW that the generous contributions of our parishes through the Common Mission Fund helps pay for the training of our ordinands? We are so grateful for the way churches give faithfully through the Common Mission Fund, serving and blessing countless people and communities beyond their own parish walls. To find out more about CMF, check out our Common Mission Fund page.

Richard Turner

Serving his curacy in: The Benefice of St Luke, Stanmore

For many years I felt that I should think about ordination in the Church of England but was reluctant to pursue it. After a prompt from God which I couldn’t ignore any longer, I started exploring a call to this in November 2013. It has been a long journey.

I am looking forward to being an Assistant Curate in the parish of St Luke’s Stanmore with St Mark’s Oliver’s Battery, and having Revd Marianne Foster as my Training Incumbent. I’m a Chartered Electrical Engineer by profession and, as a Self-Supporting Minister, will continue to work in Engineering alongside my new role in the parish. I’m looking forward to meeting people in the parish and learning about being a curate.

I’m married to Jo and we have four children, we moved to the parish in 2016.

I’m training through the Winchester School of Mission and would like to thank the tutors and staff, and also our many friends in the parish, for their support over the last four years.

Please pray for my family and me on this, our next adventure, that we can find a sustainable balance between work, parish and family life.

Ruth Crosland

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Fordingbridge and Hyde and Breamore and Hale with Woodgreen

For most of my childhood I grew up in ‘sunny’ Bournemouth, the very south of the Diocese. I attended a Church school and went to Sunday School from the age of 8 and remember being given Biblical weekly attendance stamps which resulted in ‘an end of term’ prize! For me, the church and all its activities became an extended family. At some point, even in those early years, I had a sense of the call to serve God and my neighbour… After 6th form, I went to teacher training college in Weymouth for 3 years. However, at the end teaching was not the job for me, I’m constantly in awe of other people who do this daily.

After a period of time in London, I returned to Bournemouth. A short while later, I was employed as a Youth & Community worker for St James Church, Pokesdown, a 10-month contract which led to a very, very long time of wonderful association with the Family of St James and the Community. During my time there I was Licensed as a Lay Minister in 2007. Over the years since that time, I became increasingly away of a sense of call to Ordained Ministry and eventually in 2023 God agreed the time was right. Having had a full-time long career in Social Work, I now feel that I’m keen to take my faith and inclusive ministry out into the world to join in with God’s mission and find out how I can play an active part in it.

The other joys of my life are Mollie, my elderly dog, my VW campervan and spending time with family and friends. Please pray for all the Christian witnesses and friends who have supported me to get here and all who I will serve in the future at the Avon Valley Churches Parish of Fordingbridge, Breamore, Hyde, not forgetting Hale and Woodgreen!

Steve Williams

Serving his curacy in: The Benefice of Valley Park

My name is Steve Williams and I have been a member of the church in Valley Park for about 17 years. I was born in Cardiff and moved to Hertfordshire for work where I met my wife. We moved here from the Watford area in 2005 because of a company move to Hampshire.

I am married to Barbara and have one son, David, who now works in the Bristol area, and I also own a Scottish Terrier dog called Ruby. I retired from my employment during the Covid lockdown which was a very strange way to say good-bye to my colleagues!

Within the church I was a church warden for a number of years, was licensed as an LMM two years ago and will be a training curate in the church. I am now completing a BA in Theology with the Diocese of Guildford, which I have found very rewarding.

Please do pray for myself and my family as we continue our journey with God.

Sue Coleman

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Highfield

Hi, my name is Sue Coleman and I am looking forward to serving my curacy at Highfield, Southampton.

I have just completed 3 years ordination training as a Dispersed Learner with Trinity College, Bristol whilst serving at my sending church of St Paul’s Bournemouth as ordinand. My previous experience of 20 years of working with the elderly, in particular in Chaplaincy in the latter years, alongside 10 years as an LLM, continues to inform my ministry.

As my husband Rich and I move to Highfield I am looking forward to seeing how God is at work there, using the gifts he has given me and learning from such a varied team.

Please pray that Rich and I will settle quickly into our new home and into the church family, and that Rich will find a suitable job locally. We are excited to see what God has in store and for us both and trust Him for all that is ahead.

Tim Taylor

Serving his curacy in: The Benefice of Totton and Calmore

Hi I’m Tim! I am married to Lauren and we have 3 children, Benjamin, Philippa and Dorothy. I have been training at St. Mellitus College, studying a Masters in Mission in Contemporary Culture. Prior to training I have been a youth pastor for 10 years, including most recently being Head of YTH at Highfield Church in Southampton.

I will be serving my curacy in the Parish of Totton and Calmore with Rev. Ali Hill and the amazing team there. I’m really looking forward to learning from Ali and seeing all that God has in store for us in this next chapter.

Please pray for our whole family as we settle into a new house and new area. Particularly for our children to settle in well and for starting at new schools in September.

Vicky Semple

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Fordingbridge and Hyde and Breamore and Hale with Woodgreen

My name is Vicky and I have two children called Lotte and Boe and a crazy spaniel puppy. I recently finished my training at Sarum College and have been based at Christchurch Priory during that time. I am excited to be starting my curacy at the Avon Valley Churches on the western edge of the New Forest. I can not wait to join the team there with Revd Luke Wickings as my TI. I am certain I am going to learn so much from him and the whole parish over the next few years.

I ask if you could kindly pray for my family as we enter this next phase, that we can find a good balance with all we do and that the children can feel as at home in their new parish as they have in Christchurch. Thank you!

Yin-Yin Bull

Serving her curacy in: The Benefice of Romsey

My name is Yin-Yin Bull, I am currently in my third and final year of study in Mission and Theology at St Mellitus College, London.

Before being called to ministry and ordination, I worked in a variety of settings, I worked with teenagers with a variety of disabilities for 8 years, leading nurture and social groups and as a counsellor working with vulnerable teenagers in schools. Prior to this, I was a contracts manager in the defence and aerospace industry for 10 years. I am married to Colin, we have a 19-year-old son, James, who is studying Fine Art in Brighton. We have a ‘black and tan’ Dachshund, Mochi, and a long-haired cat, Chewie! I enjoy mountain biking, dog walking, and trying to recreate some of my mother’s Malaysian home cooking! I very much look forward to joining the rhythm of prayer, worship, work and life in Romsey Abbey from next summer.

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