One thousand Christians invited to assemble in Bordon

One thousand Christians invited to assemble in Bordon

A drive-in cinema and former parade ground will be transformed into a venue for a thousand voices on the afternoon of Saturday 10 September.

St Mark’s Shared Church, in Bordon is inviting Christians from the South of England to join them for a major praise and worship event. Organisers hope to gather a thousand people to join them on the former Prince Philip Garrison Parade Ground, Bordon.

The idea grew out of a Methodist Covenant service in February. “The last hymn of the service was Wesley’s ‘Oh for a Thousand Tongues to Sing’,” says Minister Revd Iain Robertson. “I said wouldn’t it be amazing if we could bring a thousand Christians together to worship in Bordon and a plan was born.”

The Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company offered its drive-in cinema free of charge to support the project.

“’Oh for a Thousand Tongues to Sing’ is the first of a five year plan to grow the Church,” says Iain. “After COVID the prayer and the vision is to get a thousand Christians together worshipping in Bordon. We pray that the Holy Spirit will drop on the town and a breakthrough will happen. Christians who have faith will be strengthened in their faith. Those that are dormant will find life again and those who are lost will come to faith,” he says.

And the project is already having a positive impact. The worship band, which will play at the event, has grown out of the talents from five or six different denominations in the town. 

The wider vision is to create ‘Bordon Christian Fellowship’, a non-denominational gathering of Christians in the town, with the aim of winning Bordon for the Lord. 

“The invitation is open to all. Let’s join together and worship the Lord in this place and ask him to bless Bordon and all the communities represented in the congregation,” says Iain.

St Mark’s Shared Church in Bordon are inviting Christians to join them on Saturday 10th September at the Prince Philip Garrison Parade Ground, Bordon (GU35 0DJ) from 2-4pm.