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Card Readers & Digital Giving

Card Readers & Digital Giving

Contactless Card Readers

The way people use money is changing, which means the way people give is changing too. We need to offer mechanisms for giving that keep up with society. The easier it is to give and the more options people have when making donations, the more opportunities we can create for people to be generous.

Parish Buying Card Readers

Why Card Readers?

We’re carrying less cash as more and more transactions are made contactlessly, so it is important that our churches enable members and visitors to give contactlessly too. Parish Buying offers a wide variety of different card readers with something to suit every budget.

Contactless giving is not limited to card readers but also includes online giving and the use of QR codes.

To find a card reader that may suit your needs, take this short survey.

We get several hundred pounds extra, just because people find it convenient…

Rev Ed Dines

The graph shows how the use of cash has declined since 2007. In 2017 for the first time, more payments were made using a contactless device than with cash.

The future for cash from now on forecasts further decline.

The church is responding to this change of culture by recommending Contactless Card Readers. These are being used across the country for general fees, one-off payments and donations, and recently, they have even been incorporated into the offertory during services of worship.

Creating QR Codes for Giving Using Give A Little
QR Code Poster Template Download

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