St Luke’s Stanmore and the Diocese of Winchester

St Luke’s Stanmore and the Diocese of Winchester

For a number of years, it has been apparent that St Luke’s Church, on Mildmay Street in Stanmore, is suffering from a number of major building defects. A report commissioned by the Diocese of Winchester in May this year, confirmed that addressing these repairs would incur substantial costs, and would be a significant on-going burden to the congregation for many years to come. After much discussion, the PCC made the courageous decision to seek closure and demolition of the church in order to build a new, fit-for-purpose replacement.  The Church Commissioners have now announced their decision to approve the closure and demolition of the church.

Bishop Debbie, Acting Bishop of Winchester, says,

“As we seek to serve the parish of Stanmore in the decades to come, we want people to know that they can get to know Jesus in their new church building.  We look forward to the new church continuing to be the beacon of hope that St Luke’s has been, continuing to bring the presence of Christ to one of the most diverse communities in Winchester.”

St Luke’s church holds many significant memories for the people of Stanmore stretching back three generations.  The churchwardens would like to welcome all who have connections from the past with St Luke’s to come and share their memories with the current worshipping community. 

Curate, Marianne Foster, says,

“The current St Luke’s building is a special place for many people. As we look ahead to the future and plan for a new St Luke’s, I am hopeful that it will be a loving and welcoming building where people will discover joy and connection.”

The Parochial Church Council will be working with the Diocese of Winchester and local stakeholders and the planning authorities of Winchester City Council to determine how the site can be developed and a new church built. The building remains structurally safe to use in the immediate future, and a date of closure will be announced in due course.  The usual pattern of Services will continue during the building project (please check website for updates as the project progresses).

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