The Dinner Table

The Dinner Table

More to Life Church in Odiham and North Warnborough, Basingstoke, have set up a fantastic new initiative in collaboration with Basingstoke-based cyber security company, SonicWall, to bring people together at this difficult time when so many people are feeling the cost of living pressure. ‘The Dinner Table’ will provide free, good-quality meals for those struggling or feeling lonely and isolated.

The initiative began mid-way through November at North Warnborough Village Hall, with four guests attending the first event, raising to nineteen people attending in the second week.

SonicWall are generously providing all the food and personnel needed, including fully funding the Christmas meal.

Matt Bianchi, Mission Priest for the benefice, said: “It’s a definite partnership. And while its location mainly targets people in Odiham and North Warnborough, we have a team helping from all around the benefice coming alongside people, which is really exciting.”

“We’re so grateful to SonicWall, Dave and Sally Sanger, Ali Fanshawe and North Warnborough Village Hall for helping to get the word out there through social media, local charity and council groups, foodbanks, posters, flyers and word of mouth.”

More sessions of ‘The Dinner Table’ are to go ahead soon, including one on the 4 December and a special big Christmas meal on the 19 December.