Bishops to pay tribute to all those who served in the two World Wars…

Remembrance 2021

Bishops to pay tribute to all those who served in the two World Wars and later conflicts alongside communities in Winchester, Southampton and Basingstoke

The Bishops in the Diocese of Winchester will each commemorate the contribution of those military and civilian men and women who have served their country in conflicts during the last century at services across Hampshire on Remembrance Sunday.

Bishop Debbie, the Bishop of Southampton will attend the Remembrance Sunday Service at Winchester Cathedral, after which she will join other local representatives to lay wreaths at Winchester’s war memorial.

Bishop Debbie said:

“Each year we come together, in the presence of God, to give thanks for all those who have given their lives for us. We are reminded of their sacrifice and pray for those who mourn them. We also pray for those from our communities who are serving in the Armed Forces, remembering their families and friends, and praying for an end to conflicts around the world.”

Bishop David, Bishop of Basingstoke, will be present at the Basingstoke Mayor’s Remembrance Day Service at the Basingstoke war memorial.

Bishop David said:

“We give thanks before God for all those who gave their lives in the service of our country, and we remember their families and their loved ones. Our prayers are especially with those who did not return, and those whose lives continue to be affected by conflict as we work toward lasting peace.”

Bishop Geoff Annas, Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Winchester, will join local people for their annual service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph in Southampton.