Church of England launches Vision for Higher Education

Church of England launches Vision for Higher Education

Speaking at the official launch of Faith in Higher Education, the Church of England’s lead bishop for Higher Education, Tim Dakin, who is the Bishop of Winchester, said: 

“Higher Education is at a crossroads. Shaping its overall vision is therefore as crucial as the issues of funding and governance and of recognising anew its contribution to social mobility and economic prosperity. 

“This Vision is a fresh articulation of what higher education is for: It offers a faith-based hope for humanising higher education: as enriching both the student and common good of all.” 

Faith in Higher Education sets out to stimulate leaders across higher education to re-examine how they articulate its purpose, to enrich understanding with a Christian perspective, illuminate values, and challenge all involved to transformative action. 

The Vision explores the themes of wisdom, community, virtue, the common good, and how these contribute to an understanding of religion and belief, faith perspectives and spirituality in the context of higher education today and how this can be shared by people of all faiths and world views.