Churchgoers across Hampshire donate over £3,000 to local charity

Churchgoers across Hampshire donate over £3,000 to local charity

Churchgoers across Hampshire donate over £3,000 to local charity working to tackle domestic and sexual abuse

Christians in Hampshire and East Dorset have been donating art materials and money as part of the Bishop of Winchester’s 2019 Christmas Appeal in aid of Yellow Door.

Last year, the Bishop of Winchester asked people to contribute to his Christmas Appeal for the Southampton based charity, Yellow Door, which supports individuals and families suffering domestic and sexual abuse across the region.

The Diocese of Winchester’s backing for the charity has come at a critical time. Shockingly, over 50,000 people aged 16 and above were estimated to have been affected by abuse from 2017-20181 in Hampshire, and there are grave concerns about a surge in the rates of domestic violence this year. It is feared that coronavirus restrictions have led to a significant increase in the number of victims of abuse, while also making it even more difficult for victims to seek help.

Throughout the lockdown, Yellow Door has been critical to ensuring abuse victims have access to the help they need, and so the support from Diocese has been essential. Parishes across the Diocese not only donated money, but also materials including books and art supplies to supplement the services provided, such as art therapy and creative group counselling which use activities to explore difficult experiences.

The £3,000 donation will help Yellow Door continue to offer a range of domestic and sexual abuse support, including their Children and Young People’s Therapeutic service, which helps young people who have been impacted by abuse.

Tara Doel, Yellow Door Business Manager said:

“We were thrilled to receive the cheque from the Bishop of Winchester’s Christmas 2019 appeal which will help us provide our services to those affected by abuse. We are also thankful for the awareness raising of our service being linked to the Bishop of Winchester’s appeal. Alongside the cheque we received we wish to thank the members of individual parishes that also sent in donations and resources towards our services.”

The Right Reverend, Dr Tim Dakin, Bishop of Winchester said:

“This year has proven difficult for all, but particularly for those thousands of families experiencing an unhappy and an unsafe home environment. Compassion for others is central to the life and teaching of Jesus, and I am pleased that Christians across the Diocese have come together to live out that teaching and support this charity who help bring healing to the vulnerable. I would also like to thank our Diocesan staff team who made a significant contribution. I hope this donation can bring love and peace, and the offer of true happiness in our relationships with God and one another.”

Yellow Door has over 30 years’ experience providing discreet and compassionate support across Southampton and Western Hampshire. Their Children and Young People’s Therapeutic team is made up of qualified counsellors and art therapists, who offer a number of different services to allow children and young people to explore difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences in interactive ways.