Deanery Synod Elections 2023

Deanery Synod Elections 2023

This year your APCM must include the election of Deanery Synod Representatives.  The Deanery Synod is an important part of the governance of the Church of England, and shares the mission of the Church in local areas.  They are places for sharing good practice between the Parishes of a Deanery, and act as a communication line between the Diocesan Synod and the Parishes.  It is really important that Parishes are well represented at Deanery Synod, and we would encourage you to pray about and encourage people to stand for election.

The number of deanery synod representatives that your parish can elect is based on your electoral roll: ER of 1-50 = 1 Rep; ER of 51-100 = 2 Reps; ER of 101-200 = 3 Reps; ER of 201-300 = 4 Reps; ER of 301-400 = 5 Reps; ER of 401-500 = 6 Reps; ER of 501-600 = 7 Reps; ER of 601-700 = 8 Reps; ER of 701-800 = 9 Reps; ER of 801-900 = 10 Reps (max). 

A person is qualified for election as a parochial representative of the laity to the deanery synod or PCC if (a) the person is aged 16 or over, (b) he or she is an actual communicant, and (c) his or her name is on the roll of the parish and, unless he or she is aged under 18 at the date of the election, has been on the roll for at least the preceding six months.  Once elected, deanery synod representatives are ex officio members of your PCC until the next election (at APCM in three years’ time).  There have been some changes in recent Church Representation Rule updates in relation to terms of office for deanery synod representatives.  The current rule states that: the annual meeting may, by resolution, decide to impose a limit on the number of successive terms which can be served.

Once elections are over, please remember to notify your local Deanery Synod Secretary of your newly elected representatives.

Please refer to the Church Representation Rules here for full details or contact Jayne Tarry ( if you have any questions.