Introducing the New Retired Clergy Officer for the Northern Archdeaconry

Introducing the New Retired Clergy Officer for the Northern Archdeaconry

We spoke to Revd John Dawson who has been appointed as the new Retired Clergy Officer for the Northern Archdeaconry….

“It has been a delight for me to meet so many people in my new role as Clergy Retirement Officer for the Northern Archdeaconry, and Peter Doores (Officer for the South) has been a help and inspiration in this time. I have met many of us from all over the diocese and this has been a really good experience. I am a stranger to this diocese and to this part of the world, but my memory takes me back to camping in the Easter holidays with my daughter who was keen on riding at Miss McNaire’s stables in Burley.

“My career was in Pharmacy, before becoming Ordained in Leicester in June 1995, and then eventually becoming Rector of a United Benefice in NE Leicestershire, part of this role extended to being Deanery Evangelism Officer and being responsible for courses where candidates were exploring their vocation and where this might take them on future careers.

“The job spec in my new role is very open and an evolving one, but nevertheless very important and much needed. I also work in the Brightwaters Benefice with Rev David Roche as a PTO. All this means I can get to know the retired clergy (if such a thing ever exists) in many ways – the main one for me, in a pastoral sense, is being available, so please if I can help you in any way do not hesitate to be in touch.

“During this season approaching Candlemas, I am reminded very much of the relevance and importance of our hearing the stories of Simeon and Anna. I think of the wonderful paintings by Rembrandt and it confirms my sense of how we must celebrate the ministry of older people. I am personally not keen on the title ‘Retired’, preferring to think of people as simply ‘more mature’ and with more wisdom to share! I am very much looking forward to supporting the Simeons and Annas of the Winchester Diocese.”

Revd John Dawson serves alongside Revd Peter Doores. To find out more about their roles, their contact details and other information, please visit the Retired Clergy page here >>>